About Us

A Message from the Founder:

Hello there! I'm Duncan T., the founder of Canvas Pup Portraits. I started this business because I had a lifelong passion for aesthetic design, pets, and an overall desire to build beautiful things that bring joy to people. I've owned dogs all my life and, honestly, I feel so blessed to have had them in my life. I would give anything to have them back at my side. Anyone who has had a pet in their life understands this feeling. Here at Canvas Pup Portraits our work revolves around honoring those memories as well as celebrating the joy that they have brought into the world.  

Our Mission:

A custom portrait is the perfect way to capture the warm moments you've had with your beloved pets.

When you buy a pet portrait with us, we capture every detail of those warm moments through your pet's unique features. We treat every custom illustration as if they were our own babies and it shows through the quality of our products.  

We are a fun-loving brand committed to helping pet owners show their love and appreciation to their beloved furry friends. Through stunning works of art meticulously handcrafted by our amazing artists, you can now creatively express your adoration for your pet by displaying their portrait anywhere in your home, workspace, or even on the go. Our illustrations are one of a kind and so they are unique to you and your pet, specifically designed by our team to capture your pet’s distinct features and exceptional personality.

(Batman the cat sends his regards)